Warranty period for used car sales

A general 24-month warranty period applies to goods sold by a business to a consumer. This is the case with the sale of worn/used items, except the following:

  1. the defect was taken into account at a lower purchase price;
  2. it is not a defect, but wear and tear of an item caused by its normal use;
  3. the defect already occurred upon takeover by the buyer and corresponds to the degree of wear/use of the item;
  4. if this is due to the nature of the item, i.e. typically one-day contact lenses.

In practice, the most common case of the purchase of a worn item is the purchase of a used car. Whether you are a dealer or a buyer of a used car, we recommend that you focus on the content of the sales contract to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

Status as at 24 April 2019




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