From the time our law firm was established we have provided and continue to provide legal consultancy to major companies active in the processing industry and machine engineering, the pharmaceutical industry, gambling industry, petrochemicals industry and to technological companies. Private individuals or public administration and local government bodies also contact us with various legal issues.

Solutions designed by our legal advisors are always devised in detail, tailored precisely to our needs and internal processes. We can confirm that it constitutes an important part of our successful business.

Robert Vogt

Managing Director Bosch Termotechnika s.r.o.

Examples of the assignments we receive are for example:

  • proposal and administration of a client’s complete contract paperwork, corresponding not only to the client’s position on the market and its business requirements, but also to internal processes;

There are two types of commercial contract – complicated and ambiguous, interpretation of which requires repeated explanation by the authors, and comprehensible and definite, which even the counter-party must acknowledge if necessary; the AK ZAK office strategically considers and writes the latter, so there is no problem concluding the contract or subsequently enforcing it.

Jiří František Potužník

General Commissioner - Office of the General Commissioner for the Czech Republic’s participation at the EXPO World Fair

  • managing disputes for clients – out-of-court negotiations and agreements, representation of clients before judicial and arbitration bodies;
  • implementation of a compliance system (for example in the field of the criminal liability of legal persons or protection of personal data);
  • administration and effective recovery of receivables, representation during insolvency proceedings;
  • promissory notes and promissory note disputes – issue of promissory notes in relation to business relationships, transfer and enforcement of promissory note rights;
  • establishment, transformation and dissolution of a trading company, configuration and regular administration of corporate structures with regard to the particularities of a specific owner/s;
  • negotiation and contractual assurance (including cross-border) of transfer of shares, including the potential subsequent rules for the operation of stakeholders within a single project/entity;
  • proposal and realisation of real property transactions, including the related procedures according to the Building Act (if required);
  • representation of clients before public administration and local government bodies during preparation and construction of residential projects, including representation during the related administrative justice procedures;
  • maintenance of a portfolio of the client’s trademarks (including representation of the client before national/international registration authorities during registration of trademarks and the related proceedings, e.g. settlement of objections);
  • covering the specific requirements of statutory regulations in fields according to the client’s specific market position and specialisation;

Even seemingly hopeless cases can be drawn to a victorious end.

Ing. Pavel Maršík

In addition to the above, we are aware that even the perfect legal solution may be a disservice without verification of its tax impact, which is why we also arrange tax reviews of legal solutions in cooperation with experienced tax consultants.

Solicitors you can depend on.

Ing. Jindřich Minářů

founder of BEZVASPORT s.r.o.

Our solicitors are particularly appreciated because of their approach to their client and the fact that the provided services are exceptionally individualised, always taking into consideration a client’s particularities and unique position or specialisation on the market. This means that the relationship with a client is always similar to the close relationship between a corporate lawyer and the company’s management.

Working with these solicitors is humanly pleasant and professionally complex.

Jan Bloudek

Chairman of the Czech Mountaineering Association

The partnership between the South Bohemian Chamber of Economics and the Žánová – Kunert s.r.o. Law Firm is effective, long-standing and very above-standard. The law firm is a member company of the Jhk, whereas it complements the chamber’s work by carrying out a range of activities.

Lenka Vohradníková, DiS.

Director of South Bohemian Economic Chamber




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