Ne supra crepidam sutor iudicaret (Shoemaker, not beyond the shoe), as Appellus said to the shoemaker.


Or, as colleague Kunert says: “I think I will never stop being surprised that people, in the belief that they will save money, write contracts themselves, or re-write an old or downloaded contract, which was written under different circumstances and for a different purpose. It is like someone wanting to save money and, instead of hiring an architect, designing a family house, or basing a design on an already constructed house (and not knowing that this existing house is standing on different geological bedrock for example), without any technical education whatsoever. The case with the house would never happen in practice, but contracts are modified like this constantly. I can tell people that it will actually cost them money in the end, until I’m blue in the face. But it is absolutely futile…..“ 


And we add: “There may not be a problem immediately, but there will always be a problem, and the consequences are always serious.”




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